Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask- Review

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I love mud masks. I love vacation. I love spending time with my family.

When I received this mud mask for review, I knew the perfect way to test it would be to take it on my trip to the mountains. We were planning on having a sisters “spa” night, so I took the mask along with me. How did it go? Was the mask a hit? brKzDWinSfKlC7KoECHb_Dead_Sea_Mud_Mask_ProductImage_new_small (1)

“DEAD SEA MUD HAS BEEN RENOWNED FOR CENTURIES AS A NATURAL BEAUTY REMEDY! Here’s how it works: As this luxurious mud mask gently dries on your face, it draws out excess oils, impurities & grime from your skin. At the same time your skin is infused with ancient Dead Sea minerals and essential oils. This mask leaves your face clean, fresh and blemish free. Used weekly your complexion will gain a new clarity and all-day glow.
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At Pure & Essential Minerals, we seek out the world’s most ancient natural beauty regimens – timeless skin care remedies that help promote radiant skin. These include Dead Sea minerals, organic Moroccan argan oil, hemp seed oil and more.”
We had an absolute BLAST with this mask. It started out with just the girls putting it on. Then the guys started joining in. Including my Dad!11073715_393709594141907_1215201988_n 11074781_393716027474597_294179177_nEven the spaghetti squash we bought to eat had to use some!11079265_393716104141256_1726962549_nBefore the night was over, almost the entire family had used the mask. There were ALOT of laughs!11072850_393719574140909_879197563_nEveryone loved the mask. My sister in law came running into my bedroom and made me rub her face and told me how soft it felt! Everyone loved the cooling effect it gave when you put it on. I have to admit though, I got sidetracked watching Walking Dead, so I accidentally left it on my face for over an hour. It kinda dried me out, but I think if I had left it on for the recommended 10 minutes I would have been fine.
Everyone else said it left their face feeling nice and soft. So I would say it was a success!
To purchase- Click here: Mud Mask

Monthly Sub Monday- Rocksbox


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I loved my Rocksbox this month. They always send me gorgeous stuff, but this month they poured on the bling!IMG_1559

This first piece is a Silver Branch Necklace by Urban Gem. $32

IMG_1570I absolutely love this piece. It is so simple, yet makes a statement. The branch is bigger than the other branch necklaces I have seen, and really pops against a black teeshirt.

House of Harlow 1960 Geodesic Triangle Mini Hoops in Silver. $46IMG_1568These earrings are so badass. I have worn them several times since I got them. They’re not huge earrings, only about about an inch to an inch and a half tall, but I love the details! The tiny crystals, the sharp edges and the geometric shapes. They are just flat out awesome.

Perry Street Selina Crystal Necklace. $44IMG_1566This necklace is incredible! Talk about a statement piece! It glitters and shines and catches the light from every angle. I have worn it with a little black dress, a white teeshirt and a black teeshirt. I have gotten lots of compliments. I actually really like this paired with the above earrings.IMG_1567All in all, this entire box was a winner. Some major bling, major badass and something a little bit more delicate.

Interested in signing up? It is $19 a month, and you can keep the box for as long as you want. If you want to keep a piece, simply don’t return it, and your credit card will be billed.

You can use my code at and I will get a free month. My code is stephaniebff3.



Yurrku Australia Skin Serum- Review

*This was provided to me to test and review. My opinion is my own.*


I try alot of skincare. Some of them are good, some of them are not so good. I was given the opportunity to try this serum from Yurrku Australia. 2ee9817d1cba9f7d4e8ce0b779b2a94a (1)

Which category does this fall into? Let’s find out!

A potent elixir of rare hand-harvested native berries from the lush rainforests of Australia giving you a silky and luminous complexion.

  • Lightweight formulation for all seasons
  • Lilli Pilli is high in Vitamin C promoting skin elasticity and firmness
  • Quandong is high in antioxidants helping to smooth skin
  • Red Mallotus Berry assists to improve skin tone
  • Chamomile, Green Tea and White Tea to soothe and calm
  • Enriched with Almond Oil to deeply nourish
  • Stevia to help firm and tighten skin.IMG_1546

The first thing I noticed about this serum is the smell. I won’t lie, it smells kinda weird. Once I got past the smell, I noticed the texture. Most of the serums I have used are very thin, watery or even oily. This one is much thicker, like a lotion. You only need a small amount, and it soaks right in.

In the directions for use, it calls for moisturizer afterwards. I have found this formula to be so moisturizing, and thick, that I don’t need a separate moisturizer at all. My  face feels soft, and happy!

I have noticed since the weather is warming up, that I get a bit oily in the t-zone when I use this.  I will keep using it, because my skin has greatly benefitted so much from it.

I am also using a  cleanser, toner, eye cream, and night cream from this range that I will be sharing with you in the next few weeks, so keep a look out!


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