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When I happened upon Toothbrush, it was very cool to me. I mean seriously, if you think about it, how often do YOU change your toothbrushes? Half the time it doesn’t even occur to me until I go to a checkup, and the dentist gives me a new one.

I was given the opportunity to check out the program, and a couple of the brushes they offer. Let’s check it out!

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From the website:

“We care about one thing: making your life (as a toothbrush shopper) as easy as humanely possible.

Let’s face it: we forget to change our toothbrush on time. It’s an easy thing to procrastinate about. A toothbrush subscription is one less thing you need to think about, one less thing you need to remember to buy, and it’s one less trip to Target. It’s more hanging out on couch time and less in store shopping time.

You’re going to buy a new toothbrush anyway, right? Why not have it automatically delivered to your door, just when it’s time to throw your old one out? The added bonus: It’s the same price you pay in store. When you factor in gas and your time, it’s a no-brainer.”

They offer three types of toothbrushes:

-The Defender: $3

Extra Soft Bristles for Sensitive Teeth

You won’t find any bells or whistles on this toothbrush, but you better believe it will clean plaque with the best of them. Equipped with a flexible neck, contoured handle and extra soft bristles, The Defender Toothbrush shows up to work with a hard hat on and gets the job done every time you brush.

-The Professional: $4

Big Grip & Medium Brush Head

The Professional Toothbrush eats plaque for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Penetrating deep between teeth and sweeping away germs, bacteria doesn’t stand a chance of survival. The quality, comfort and cleanliness you receive from this toothbrush is unmatched. Do you enjoy the finer things in life? If yes, The Professional Toothbrush is for you.

-The Superior: $5

One of Only 30 Toothbrushes Worldwide Approved by the American Dental Association.

Trust your teeth with the experts. Only 30 toothbrushes sold across the globe are approved by the American Dental Association, and The Superior Toothbrush is one of them. Equipped with a compact brush head and a dual combination of soft and extra soft bristles, The Superior Toothbrush is like having a dental assistant by your side every time you brush your teeth, ensuring maximum oral hygiene protection.

The brushes I received were the Defender and the Professional.tb2

I claimed the pink one, and gave the gray one to hubby. I really like the pink one, which is the Professional. It is comfortable in your grip, and the bristles are the perfect texture. That is important to me right now, because with the Invisaligns, I am having some gum sensitivity. This toothbrush does not aggravate that.

The gray one, despite having less “bells and whistles”, is also pretty good. Called “The Defender”, it is a great toothbrush, even though it is considered their “lesser” brush.

They also carry baby, kids and teen size toothbrushes.

Check out this funny video from the website:

For a quality toothbrush, free shipping and comparable pricing, you can sign up here, and have a new toothbrush delivered. You can choose once a month, every two months, or three months.

This seems like a great idea to me! If the hubs likes the idea, I may just go for it!!

*This was provided to me free of charge, for review. My opinion is my own.*

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup


Check Out Some New Pretties I Have Gotten!

I have a bit of an obsession with skull jewelry. I don’t like just any skull jewelry, I am kinda picky about it. I have a come across some super sweet pieces over the past couple of 2 (99)These beauties are made from round onyx beads and crystal skull beads. Aren’t they killer? My good friend Charlotte Smith made them!

These are also amazing. I had a gift card to the website and I was SO excited when I found these gorgeous bracelets!skulls

The bangle has red stones for the eyes, and the other is crystal encrusted with blue eyes. I LOVE THEM!


Just wanted to share.

Eucerin DermoPurifier Cleanser- Review

I turn 43 this year. (good lord)

I am having some serious hormonal acne. I kid you not, when I say I have used so many lotions, potions and soaps to get it cleared up, and NOTHING has worked.

I was given the opportunity to try this cleanser, and I LOVE IT. eucerin

From the website:

Gently and effectively refresh your oil-prone skin with the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser, a balanced formula with excellent skin tolerability.

Created to closely meet the needs of those with oily skin with blemishes and imperfections, this soap-free gel cleanser eliminates excess sebum and removes dirt and make-up in a single step. A concentration of 6% Ampho-Tenside and anti-bacterical properties give ensure that skin is fresh and clear.

After use, the skin feels clean and supple without tightness, with a rejuvenated appearance. Its excellent skin tolerability and efficacy is proven on patients with blemishes and acne prone skin.

Wet your face, apply the gel cleanser to one hand, and massage all over the face until the gel turns into a lather. Avoid the eye area and rinse away with warm water.

Fragrance-free, non-comedogenic.

One of the first things I noticed about the cleanser is it has no scent, or added colors. At first I didn’t like that, because I am so used to cleansers looking and smelling “pretty.” Then I started using it.

About 3 days into my new routine with this product, I noticed an improvement in my skin. My skin felt clean and soft, never tight after use. Within a week, my breakouts were pretty much gone.




I continued using the cleanser until I ran out. I then started using another cleanser that I has been using previously. Guess what happened? I broke out again. Big, yucky, painful pimples that took forever to clear up. I went straight to the website and ordered more, and while I waited for it to come, I broke out even worse. I am convinced it is because of the added colorants and scents in the products I was using previously.

This is going to be my go-to cleanser from now on. It cleared up my skin, which is something many products I had tried had failed to do.

I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone! Especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. I love using it with my exfoliating brush. My skin just feels yummy!

Where can you purchase?

*This item was provided to me by  for review. My opinions are entirely my own*

Looking For Some Great Lipsticks?

This is a good friend of mine and an amazing MUA, Stephanie Brick Creasy. She is extremely talented and never steers me wrong when I have questions or need advice.

She did my makeup a few months ago for this post. She did an amazing job this day, and I admire her immensely.


She is starting to do videos again, and I wanted to share this one with you. Enjoy!

Look for her on You Tube-


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