The Dollar Shave Club- Review.

“Shave Time, Shave Money”

This is the motto of the Dollar Shave Club. A monthly subscription service geared towards our fella’s, they provide razors, shaving cream, after shave lotion and wipes every month for either $1,(for single blades) $6 (for 4 blades) and $9 (for six blades.) The shaving cream and other extras are available as add-ons for a small cost per item.

I was sent a box for my hubby to test and review. He received a great box full of goodies for his own personal pampering. (shhhhh, I used his shave gel without him knowing…)

Let’s see what this is all about!

Here is what he received in his box. The packaging is so 1 (91) photo 2 (89)

As you can see he received shave butter, razor blades, the razor, wipes, after shave, a fun roll of stickers and some instructional cards. We will look at those in a sec. They’re funny.

One Wipe Charlies-photo 3 (81)

  • Buttwipes made for men.
  •  40 durable 5″x7″ sheets.
  • Flushable & biodegradable viscose rayon.
  •  Soothing, calming, and refreshing.
  •  Gentle peppermint scent.

(I SO wish I had been involved in the making of this concept. Whoever created it has a sense of humor right up my alley.)

Anyway, back to the wipes. They are pretty nice! (yes, I used one.) They smell of peppermint and are soft to the touch. They are wet, without being too wet. They do the job quite well.

Dr. Carvers Magnanimous Post Shave Moisturizer-


  • All Business

    Instantly calms and soothes before hydrating
    and locking in moisture for an all-day bounce.

  • No Sticky, No Greasy

    Works all day; you won’t even know it’s there.

  • A Mighty All in One

    Continues where others stop. Renewing
    actives work quietly to improve skin
    texture, while protective antioxidants
    fight the aging process.

This unscented after shave lotion is quite nice. Containing ingredients such as Golden Barley, Prickly Pear Cactus, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Leaf Juice, Oat Extract, Vitamins A, C, and E, it is very soothing. (again, I used his stuff, on my legs. NOT MY FACE.) It isn’t so thick that it feels heavy, but it soaks in and soothes the skin. 

Dr Carver’s Easy Shave Butter-

photo 1 (92)Containing ingredients such as Golden Barley, Organic Prickly Pear Cactus, Pacific Sea Algae, Black Willow Bark, Vitamins A, C, E, and Oat Extract, I love this shave butter for my legs. Unfortunately, my hubby’s face didn’t react well to it. He has uber sensitive skin, and just about anything fragranced breaks him out. It isn’t heavily scented, but there is an aroma there. Personally, I love the smell, but you can’t argue with your hubby’s handsome mug.

Anyhow, my legs were pretty darn soft after I used it, so that is a good thing, right?

The razor handle is pretty heavy duty. He was also sent a pack of four “four blade” cartridges. The blades are super sharp and work well. photo 2 (90) photo 4 (64)That saying on the packaging cracks me up. That’s one of the things I love most about this service. Whomever works for them is brilliant. Here are a couple of the inserts that came with 5 (52) photo 4 (65)And here are a couple of videos from their website. (one of them has some censored language)

Amazing advertising, excellent products. I love this company!

Check out their website- you won’t be sorry.


*I was sent this box to test and review, free of charge. My opinions are entirely my own.*


Olivia Garden Nano-Thermic Contour Brush- Review

I had poker straight hair all my life. When I had kid #2, I got a little bit of wave, and it was so goofy looking that I flat ironed everyday to make it look “normal.”  About 5 years ago, I got the super bright idea to cut my hair super short.

It was a bad idea, folks. Bad idea. The only good thing that came out of it, was my hair grew back curly. Not super tight afro curly, just nice  curls that are actually flattering. The unfortunate thing? When I brush my hair, I wind up looking like this:rosannadannaI also have alot of trouble finding brushes that go through my hair without ripping it to shreds. I have been using a wet brush, and those are pretty good, but my kids are constantly stealing them, and for $8 a pop, that’s pretty darn annoying. You can go buy cheaper ones at Dollar Tree, but, they’re cheaper ones from Dollar Tree.


When I was approached to test and review the Olivia Garden brush, I was uber excited. I love trying new brushes, and I hadn’t done so since the wet brush entered my life. Let’s check it out!

From the website:photo 2 (88)

What’s so great about this brush?

Latest Ceramic Technology

Ceramic coated barrel
Heats up faster & retains heat longer
Superior & long-lasting hairstyles

Unique Curved Vented Barrel

Scalp-hugging barrel & bristles
Brush gets much closer to the scalp
Creates longer lasting natural results
Extra large vents – Greater airflow
Reduces drying time
Shapes hair faster

Tourmaline Ion Technology

Hydrates the cuticle
Adds more shine to the hair
Eliminates frizz & flyaways

Special Blend of Ionic Bristles
& 100% Boar Bristles

Create curls, add volume or straighten hair
Smooth shiny finish
Comfortable ball point tips

Nano-Silver Technology

Provides anti-bacterial protection
Hair is healthier & easier to style

Unique Handle Design

Retractable sectioning pick
Snag-free ring
Easy-grip ergonomic handle
Lightweight for effortless styling

This little brush is a beauty, and boy does it ever WORK! It goes straight through my curls like BUTTER. No pulling or tugging.oliviagardenSee those little gold tips on the bristles?photo 1 (90) They make your scalp tingle and sing. Your scalp would literally sing an opera if it had a mouth and vocal cords. It feels so good, I just don’t know how many ways to say it. My daughter used the brush on my hair the first time, (because let’s face it, I’m about as inept at hair styling as my friend’s two year old is) and I wanted her to just stand and brush my hair for an hour. Of course I only got about 15 minutes out of her because, boys.

But I digress.

I have very thick hair, and it takes forever to dry with the blow dryer. I very rarely use the dryer for that reason. Oh and:rosannadannaBut anyway, this brush cut so much off of the drying time, I found it took me about 10 minutes to dry my hair versus the usual 15-20 minutes. That is a huge help for me.

The brush shape isn’t awkward at all. I used to use paddle brushes all the time and I felt like I had two left hands to dry my hair. Awkward.

The brush does get hot when used with the hair dryer. I use it in combination with my ionic dryer. It’s a beautiful relationship. I will say though, I have to be careful not to leave it in one spot too long, or it burns.

I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone, even you have wavy/curly hair! If you blow dry your hair often, this will be a huge time saver and your hair will suffer less damage.  If you like a brush with awesome massaging bristles, this one is for you too!

There wasn’t really anything about this brush that I didn’t like!

How can you contact Olivia Garden?







*This brush was provided to me free, for review. My opinion is my own.”

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup


Kneipp Bath and Body Products. Natural and Wonderful!

I recently had the opportunity to sample a few products from Kneipp. Kneipp is a company that produces bath and body care products, as well as supplements.

From the Kneipp website:

“Kneipp works naturally. In accordance with this guiding principle Kneipp endorses trusted and effective products based on nature and scientifically founded teachings. And in keeping with tradition, the Kneipp Group has focused on natural health since 1891. Today, the Kneipp Group sees its main task as that of giving support and advice to the consumer in the form of holistic concepts that are tailored to suit his or her needs. The five elements of Kneipp’s philosophy – water, plants, exercise, diet and inner balance – are a unique complement to Kneipp’s product concepts.

At Kneipp, quality is all-important. This means raw plant materials of first-class quality as the basis for all products, complex analysis processes and gentle processing in innovative production methods. Moreover, in Kneipp’s view, quality stands for guaranteeing the highest degree of usefulness, efficacy and safety of our products. The products, which are left in as natural a state as possible, are manufactured with the greatest of care, not unlike prescription medicines.

The extraordinarily high standard of quality of Kneipp products is based on painstaking composition of the ingredients, the scientifically proven efficacy of the formulas and naturopathic and pharmaceutical experience and knowledge that has been passed on for generations.

Sebastian Kneipp wanted his successful cures to be scientifically founded. Today as well, the Kneipp Group wishes to keep up this self-imposed standard and carries out intensive research and development. In addition, new products are tested for their efficacy in independent scientific studies.

It is our origins, which have been defined by Sebastian Kneipp his holistic philosophy that make us distinctive. We continue our commitment to the naturopathic legacy of our co-founder and eponym. We see Sebastian Kneipp and his visionary life philosophy as the roof and the trusted and proven efficacy of our products as well as their natural properties as the supporting foundations of the Kneipp brand.”

I was able to sample several items, and they were oh so wonderful! I got a few herbal baths, foot salve and massage oil. Lets check em out!

Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salts-

photo 3 (79)I was so excited when I saw this in my samples to try. I got this at a time when my husband was on nights, and I was struggling to sleep at night, without him there. I have a nice sized jetted bathtub, and I almost couldn’t wait to jump in the tub and try this stuff.bluebathLook at that blue water! How fun is that? It started off as blue crystals, and when I added them to the water, it foamed some and made this pretty blue, aromatic bathwater.

Containing Valerian and Hops extract as well as thermal salts, this bath salt was AH-MAZING. It smelled SO good, and the Valerian really does it’s job. I felt relaxed, soothed and ready for sleep after about a 15 minute soak.

Stress Free Bath-

photo 2 (86) 

I’m really mad at myself for not getting a photo of the bathwater from this one! It was bright orange and smelled so yummy! Containing mandarin and orange essential oils, this bath was refreshing, relaxing and again, smelled so good it was unreal.

Soft Skin Bath, Almond Blossom-photo 2 (87)

I LOVE THIS STUFF! The smell, the way it made my skin feel, everything! Since it contains 94%  almond oil, you can imagine how sweet, and fresh it smells. I have always been a fan of almond oil, and it’s amazing moisturizing properies, and this turns your bath into a haven for your skin. You emerge silky soft, without feeling greasy. It is just wonderful!

Jojoba Nut Massage Oil-photo 3 (80)


This massage oil is darn near perfect. Lightly scented, it goes on smoothly, soaks in like a dream, and doesn’t leave you feeling overly oily. Getting it’s light scent from chamomile, it’s relaxation properties are even more magnified. I get monthly massages to help with my fibromyalgia, and I am seriously thinking about sneaking it in and asking my masseuse to use it on me. Would that be wrong?

Calendula Rosemary Anti-Callous Salve-photo 1 (89)

Ok- I am going to be painfully honest here. My heels are gross. They are dry, cracked, thick, and they sometimes bleed. It really, really hurts, and it’s not pretty either. I have used the egg thingie, different sponges with sand paper type abrasives, and other types of thick lotions. None of these things touched it. This salve, in just a few applications really helped. I would use it at night, with clean socks, and my heels would feel softer. The sample I had lasted me about 3 days, and my heels didn’t completely heal, but they felt and looked better. I can only imagine how much better they would be with repeated use!

I sincerely loved all of the items I tried. I love that Kneipp’s products are all natural, and so effective. From just the few items I was able to try, I would definitely recommend their products to anyone who asked!

Kneipp on the web:

*These samples were provided to me for review. My opinions are my own.”



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