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  1. I am a writer for Pet 360/Pet MD and am doing a story on Beauty Influencers that own pets. I would love to grab a few quotes from you about life with your pets and help to bring some readership to your page. This would be a great way to introduce you to a new audience, as the site has a massive readership. In addition to the post going live on our lifestyle blog, our stories get posted on Pet360, Pet MD, in magazines that go in the waiting rooms of veterinary offices, and on our vast array of sponsor sites. We’d definitely link back to your Instagram, YouTube, whatever page you’d like…

    I’d love if you could send me a cute photo of you and your pets and answer the following questions. They can be short and sweet and done via email.

    1. What type of pet do you have?

    2. What is his/her name?

    3. Where did you get your pet? Did you adopt or is there a cute story about how you got him/her?

    4. Since you are super into fashion and beauty, we’re sure that your pet must be as well. What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory?

    5. What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product?

    6. What is your pet’s best feature?

    7. How does your pet accentuate that feature? How do you help them to accentuate that feature?

    8. What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post worthy photo of your pet? Is your pet a natural posers and camera hog or do you have to coax him/her into posing for a pic?

    9. Describe your relationship with your pet.

    10. Describe your pet’s personality. Is he/she a diva, shy, sassy, playful, sweet?

    11. Give us a random fun fact about your pet (interests, hobbies, funny stories).

    12. Link you’d like us to link to in the story:

    My deadline is end of the month.

    Thanks in advance!

    Nicole Pajer

    Freelance Writer
    @NicolePajer / 818.398.1594

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